Face-to-face evaluation, consultation & follow-up program

AED 750

Thank you for taking the decision to start our personal branding program.
You are about to book the face-to-face consultation meeting with us, which is the most important piece of the program. Please follow the instructions.
Step 1: make the payment
Step 2: book the 2 hours meeting in our calendar

You will receive confirmation emails post your payment and booking. In case you will need to reschedule the meeting or cancel, you can do that anytime.

Face-to-face evaluation, consultation & follow-up program

Find out how to fix your personal or professional image, through our unique method of evaluation & detailed recommendations.
This program is a holistic approach & deep dive, that will include a face-face meeting and 10 days follow-up virtual mini-sessions. During the meeting we will do a detailed evaluation of your general physical & social media presence on selected platforms. We will discuss about outfits, lifestyle, goals and many more.

The meeting will be followed as well by a detailed PDF report that will be sent to you via email, and that will include recommendations based on the discussion, psychological quizzes, face reading, your life key elements based on your personalized horoscope, and many other techniques.

The next 10 days will include short virtual follow-up sessions focused on different topics, personalized based on your individual necessities.

The program can focus either on your personal or professional life.

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