4 reasons why personal branding is important

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We all know that no one does their business with companies, but with people in those companies. And that’s because they have relationships and trust which are established directly or indirectly.

The indirect relationship, or the impression you have about a person even before your first interaction with them is probably one of the most simplest ways of defining their personal branding.

Personal branding is the process of showcasing one’s skills in a chosen niche and making a career of it.

Today, the 9 to 5 job that we grew up seeing our fathers slug it out for their families is not lucrative anymore. In fact, it inhibits our passion and leaves little room for going beyond the ordinary.

Here are 4 reasons why personal branding is important

1. Your job may not last forever

Let us be honest with ourselves. There are chances that we will be laid off. There are chances that someone else with a better skillset might take our position and make us vulnerable. There is a possibility that the company in which you work can be acquired and your position may not exist any longer. But there are bills to be paid at home.

What do you do when you are faced with such a situation? Personal branding can make all the difference. It gives you contacts, network, and endless possibilities to earn a continuous income.

2. Freedom to express yourself

All of us want to break the shackle and do what we love doing. It could be painting, music, teaching, martial arts, skiing, rafting, skateboarding, and so much more. If you believe in yourself, you can become the best in your chosen niche. You can express yourself in ways that are unimaginable in a corporate job.

3. Take control of your life

A job in the organized sector can be stifling. There are meetings that you need to attend, targets that you must chase, customer queries that have been waiting for days etc. But, when you have done your personal branding right, you command your workday and not the other way around. You choose to live the life that you want to live.

I am not saying that having a personal brand means you can pack your bags and go on an Amazon adventure. What I mean is that it gives you the ability to work on things that give you the most satisfaction.

4. Kick the stress out

The American Institute of Stress says that stress causes 1 million people to avoid work every day. Does that ring a bell somewhere? How many times have you loathed getting to work? There is a popular tv commercial by Indeed.com that shows people dragging themselves to work because they detest it.

Building a personal brand means you work for yourself and make it the way you want to be including the work environment, time, priorities, customers, etc. When you control the choice of what to work, when to work, and where to work, you are more likely to lead a stress-free life.

Effective personal branding will differentiate you from the competition and allow you to build trust with prospective clients and employers.

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